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Yinsu Collins: From sports journalism to esports broadcasting

Yinsu Collins and I sit down to discuss her path to esports journalism via sports journalism, oversaturation in the industry, her diversification through writing, video work, and hosting, and the power of having a supportive partner.

A jack of all trades, Yinsu effectively fell into the world of esports journalism. After finally receiving recognition at the UK Esports Awards in 2020, she broke out as an esteemed host after being tapped by Riot Games for VALORANT’s first major tournament: First Strike. If there’s one thing Yinsu isn’t, it’s complacent.

00:00 Awards
05:44 Getting into journalism
18:35 Oversaturation in esports
29:58 No barriers to entry anymore
33:49 Diversification
47:35 Contentment
57:30 Relationships vs. being career-focussed

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