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Jake Lucky: From fan to major esports personality

Jake Lucky, the ever-popular host of Esports Talk, sat down to discuss esports journalism, what drives him every day, whether he will ever go independent, the turbulent esports media landscape, dealing with passionate fandoms, and his interests outside of work.

He started out simply as a fan of esports, specifically Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but decided to start creating content around the title. After a slow but steady rise to prominence, he was tapped by media network Esports Talk to become an anchor, a reporter, a personality?


00:00 How he defines his work
04:01 Being a personality
05:38 His journey to internet stardom
09:45 Decompressing
14:55 What motivates him
16:55 Problems with esports media
22:20 Esports Talk
26:25 Going independent?
35:47 Future content from himself
42:20 Esports fandom

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