Who is Adam Fitch?

Adam Fitch UK Esports Awards

I believe the future of sports isn’t sports, it’s esports. The growth of competitive gaming from inception to now is unlike anything ever seen in sports, and for good reason.

As the industry develops and grows in professionalism, it takes journalists to hold people to account. Well-intentioned accidents or bad actors looking for a quick buck alike, I’ve dedicated years to providing information that the public needs to know and combatting those with malicious intent.

I write about the business of esports (and, sometimes, the creator economy) for Dexerto on a daily basis and publish conversations with leaders and creators on YouTube often.

As the former editor of B2B publication Esports Insider, I have experience leading a team that creates content that informs an entire industry. Now working as the business content lead at Dexerto, I’m learning how to deliver that content to a new, wider audience. I share the lessons I learn along the way.

My plans to reveal the true state of the esports industry are ongoing and lengthy so, for now, you should follow me on Twitter. That’s the best place to get in touch with me, though feel free to send me an email to hi@byadamfitch.com.

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