Who is Adam Fitch?

Adam Fitch UK Esports Awards

I believe practically anybody can control their own destiny on the internet. This is what drives me.

Every single day, I explore and document the evolving world of online entertainment. I use the knowledge gained to educate future creators and business leaders.

I write about the business of esports and the creator economy for Dexerto on a daily basis and publish conversations with leaders and creators each week on YouTube.

As the former editor of B2B publication Esports Insider, I have experience leading a team that creates content that informs an entire industry. Now working as the business content lead at Dexerto, I’m learning how to deliver that content to a new, wider audience. I share the lessons I learn along the way.

Looking ahead, I want to inform the next generation of creators and leaders online. The internet allows us all to create our own market and take control of our future — I’m well-positioned to pass on knowledge from those who are redefining entertainment.

My plans to fulfil this mission will materialise as time goes on but, for now, you should follow me on Twitter. That’s the best place to get in touch with me, though feel free to send me an email to hi@byadamfitch.com.

A newsletter packed full of unique, firsthand insights is to be expected in the near future too. Feel free to subscribe ahead of time so you don’t miss out.